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Brenda Ingargiola Amari Hollis #theXPbrand

by amari hollis & brenda ingargiola

brand development   |   marketing strategy   |   sports media

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
and a video is worth 1.8 million words per minute,
let's give them your brand to talk about! 

#theXPbrand Brenda Ingargiola Creative Director

we're passionate about growing our ecosystem of creatives and brands with a passion for highlighting women & girls in sports

Brenda Ingargiola

Creative Director/Content Creator

America Has A Problem.

Solution Based Creativity

The disparity in quantity and quality for media highlighting girls and women in sport may not be a secret, but it is a problem. As athletes ourselves, we know all too well the absolute joy of seeing photos and highlight videos of ourselves in competition, as well as the disappointment of seeing none.

In the spirit of community, we are developing an ecosystem of creatives, athletes, and sports brands with a passion for highlighting and supporting women and girls in sports. 

#theXPbrand Bernard Williams Video Production Intern Prove Them Wrong Productions

we're honored to provide women and girls with the Xtra Points to see herself in sports & business with our high quality media

Bernard Williams

Video Production Intern

#theXPbrand for women and girls in sports

We've Got Xtra Points For Everyone

  • Parents hire us to photograph their kids games and consult them on using content as a recruiting tool.

  • Teams hire us to build their websites, create content, and cultivate marketing & fundraising campaigns.

  • Athletes hire us to film their workouts & games, and help them build their brands.

  • Leagues hire us to build their websites and help their teams develop brand strategy. 

  • Brands hire us to produce marketing campaigns.

Amari Hollis Brand Strategist Content Producer

for over 13 years we've supported teams, brands, and athletes along their strategic partnership, brand development, and fundraising journeys​

Amari Hollis

Brand Strategist/Content Creator

Proud Wix Partner

#theXPbrand has leveraged Wix technology for clients since 2014

#theXPbrand Wix Partner

Wix helps #theXPbrand empower athletes, sports teams, leagues, and brands through design, data and analytics, and tools for managing everything, and everyone.  From their complete e-commerce and customer relationship management tools, ads and social media integrations, automations, and so much more, Wix's tools and support allow us to help clients scale more efficiently and effectively.

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