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Retain & Recruit

talent retention strategies for sports teams

by amari hollis & brenda ingargiola

Great Recruits.
How do you get them?
How do you keep them?

Social Media: A well thought out social media strategy and can attract athletes to your games, and your tryouts.

Word of Mouth:  The fastest way to attract great talent is with other great talent. Athletes will always share their experience with other athletes, so make sure they have something nice to say.

Great Value:  Fans may support teams as they become attached to certain athletes due to their exceptional skills or charismatic personalities.  Highlight your teams stars and turn your neighbors into fans!

W's Matter:  When a team achieves notable accomplishments, it captures the attention and loyalty of sports enthusiasts and future high-level recruits & sponsors.  

An Unforgettable Feeling: When fans have a great time, they remember it, they tell others about it, and they want to experience it again. Let's make your games the talk of the town.

How can #theXPbrand help you

keep and attract great talent?

Create a compelling local marketing campaign:

Help you develop a strong marketing campaign for your upcoming season, focused on attracting athletes, fans, and sponsors specifically within the 25 mile radius of your home stadium.

Build relationships with local media:

Assist your team in engaging with the local media by contacting local bloggers, newspapers, radio stations, and television channels to cover your team and offer press passes to generate media coverage.

Offer flexible ticket options:

Help your team structure options for single-game tickets, season passes, family packages, and group discounts to cater to different budgets and preferences, while creating a sense of urgency and exclusivity.

Partner with local businesses:

Assist with identifying and completing outreach to local businesses to partner or sponsor or cross-promote each other's businesses.

Collaborate with local influencers:

Help you identify influential individuals in your community who have a significant following on social media, who also align with your teams mission and target audience.

Develop an engaging social media strategy

Advise your creative team on how to leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to  generate excitement, increase brand awareness, and encourage community participation.

Make game day an unforgettable event

Assist in recruiting halftime performers and pre-game activities like live music, food trucks, face painting, or inflatable games for children and game day giveaways, contests, or raffles to incentivize attendance.

Design merch with the local fan in mind

Help with creating and marketing merchandise collections targeted to your local community, including a signature item such as a hat, shirt, or scarf that will be available at all times.   

Engage with schools and youth teams:

Help you establish connections and programs with local schools, youth football teams, and sports clubs.

Participate in community service:

Assist your team in identifying and vetting volunteer activities and charitable initiatives within the local community or supporting local causes.

Community-themed game nights:

Help cultivate specific game nights to celebrate and honor different aspects of the local community, with discounted tickets, special promotions, or recognition for individuals or groups associated with the chosen theme.

Build custom sponsorship packages

Assist with creating custom sponsorship packages to ensure ultimate engagement and ROI from team and athlete sponsors.

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