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Return On Investments

partner & sponsor management strategies for sports teams

by amari hollis & brenda ingargiola

You secured a sponsor!
So, n
ow what do you do?

Sponsors Want Brand Exposure: Your team is a platform for brands to reach potential customers and exposure to your audience both online and at events is a great and unique benefit.   

Under-Promise Over-Deliver:  Sponsorships at the amateur level have always been about "showing support" and not necessarily the return, but why not "wow" your partners and increase your brand value while doing so. 

How can #theXPbrand help you

attract and retain great sponsors?

Creative campaigns highlighting sponsors:

Creating brand strategy is easy when it's what you do, and it's definitely what we do. Let us help you seamlessly integrate your sponsors brand into your content for max exposure.

Responsible reporting retains revenue: 

Say that fast 5 times.  And then provide your sponsors with the data, analytics, and reports that expose the value of your relationship, and why it should continue. 

Engage with schools and youth teams:

Help you establish connections and programs with local schools, youth football teams, and sports clubs.

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and keep sponsors coming back!

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