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#theXPbrand Creator Project Series


The Kid Who Proved Them Wrong

Video Production Intern, Bernard Williams, also known affectionately as "The Kid Who Proved Them Wrong" is on a mission to, well...prove them wrong.


Having spent all 18 years of his life at a single address in Compton, CA, Bernard is preparing for life outside of "Hub City" for the first time ever.  A class of 2023 graduate of Compton Early College High School, he'll be a new resident in the dorms of The University of California, Northridge during Fall 2023, earning his bachelors degree in Cinema and Television Arts- Entertainment Media Management.


Determined to change the narrative about his community, Bernard is focused on creative business development and marketing strategy during his internship with #theXPbrand, and with this experience has launched a campaign to assist with fundraising for his first project.

Loosely on his life's events, "The Kid Who Proved Them Wrong" mini-series is about a teenager navigating life through Compton, CA and the experiences he faces when choosing the road less traveled. 

A young and hungry storyteller, Bernard is not looking for any handouts and has designed merchandise to raise funds.

"I created this shirt as a return on the investment for anyone who believes in me. I didn't want to do a GoFundMe where people give and get nothing in return. Production costs are temporary barriers for me to make my dream a reality, but I know my city has my back as Compton is eager to expose a different perspective of our city, a perspective that is very real to me and others like me." - B. Williams

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Bernard Williams

Videographer, Production Assistant, and Editor available for hire in greater Los Angeles area.


Highly interested in Compton based projects.

Examples of work available upon request. 

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